Who are we?

We are “Exer”, a group of Serbian contemporary artists and experts in design. As friends for many years, we share the idea that art should be a part of everyday life. Every aspect of our lives – the way we paint, sing, dance, dress, or cook – is the art we live and breathe. So we decided to create something together, and this idea is materialized in transferring our drawings, paintings, and objects onto T-shirts.

Our passion for disruption and desire for creativity is what we wish to embody in every single product we make.

Like the characters from our artworks, we all fight against our demons in our daily struggle to be a better version of ourselves. We strive for constant improvement, never surrender to the confinements of conformity, and maintain individuality.

We want our brand “Ekser” ([‘ɛksə] is the Serbian word for ‘a nail’) to represent the nail that breaks taboos and boundaries. We want to bring color to life and allow creativity to flow freely. We want our T-shirts to be conversation starters!

Be yourself, believe in yourself, and show everyone who you are.
Wear EXER and NAIL IT!