Zoran Velimanovic

The Artist

Zoran Velimanovic is an artist based in Belgrade (Serbia).

He specializes in oil painting and sculpture in various media including metal, bones, wood, skin, hair and resin, but also living organisms. His three-dimensional works belong to what is today described as New sculpture and are very much in the spirit of Arte povera and Altermodern. Since the end of the 1990s, many of his major works have featured structures involving bones; their use originates from the artists’ fascination with archeology and organic remains.

Velimanovic’s personal art practice has led to him gaining a reputation as the art scene’s grotesque critic of a contemporary globalized society. Frequently morbidly fascinating, Velimanovic seeks to highlight the incongruous nature of the world and the degenerate relations within it. His art confronts and disparages different social constructs which restrain, impede, infringe and even annihilate individuality. Substituting animals for people and combining human and animal bodies in order to get his point across, Velimanovic deals with issues such as human downfall, weakness and disgrace, hypocrisy, disgust, pain, fear and death.

The Art

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