Stevo Mandic

The Artist

Stevo Mandic is a painter, illustrator and graphic designer based in Belgrade (Serbia).

His series of drawings “Update yourself daily” are records of everyday questions and searching for answers – who are we now, where are we going, is it really us, how to manage tomorrow, where, why, can we, are we afraid…

The Alter Ego in his drawings is alive and kicking, it serves to provoke our “real” person. A battle that lasts forever and where the winner is always alternating, or there never is one. Some of the stories he recorded as metaphorical drawings, some as short, purified thoughts. That is what he suggests to the reader as well – to visualize the stories by him-or herself, or to “read” the drawings in their own way, to add to it, to finish it. The drawing and thoughts are a diagnosis, and an observer can seek for the medicine in his-or
herself each day.

The best under sun!

The Art

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